Our Story

What makes my salsa different? The ambiguity of throwing in a pinch of *this*, enough of *those*, plus the perfect consistency, isn’t about keeping our recipe a secret. We call for improvisation, because ingredients sourced from the earth vary in flavor, intensity and ripeness. It’s difficult to convey how to hand-pick the right ingredients. Whiff the air to catch the peppers right as they start to roast, and balance to taste.

When we opened Wrap it Up, we realized immediately that we could not compromise quality in favor of a strict and standard recipe. Every day we hand-pick the finest produce at the market, bring it back to chop, blend, bake, smell and taste - all before delivering it to you in the final package: irresistible Mexican food. We are so proud to make you part of the Wrap it Up family. All humans welcomed with love!


our values

We do things a little differently here at Wrap It Up. On the surface, we may look like “just another” restaurant – but we think if you do a little digging you’ll see we’re truly one-of-a-kind.

  • We are dedicated to serving only the most freshly prepared food. We don’t settle, and neither should you.
  • Consistently high quality customer service is our goal, and we do everything we can to ensure we hit the mark.
  • A happy customer is a customer that comes back! We make sure every aspect of your Wrap it Up visit is a memorable one – from our smiling faces to our delicious meals!

Our Team